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since 1922

The building was originally an old farmhouse. It is subsequently transformed into a garage. The hotel was opened for the first time in 1922 by our grandfather after the First World War.

We are the fourth generation to keep the hotel business of the Picheyre establishment.

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Two of the first founding generations of the hotel,

the Picheyre and Badie family.

our ancestor

Esteve Badie

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The hotel is located in front of the apse of the Romanesque church of Formiguères.

When the last king of Majorca dies, while recovering in the village, Formiguères is declared capital of Capcir. The village then became a privileged destination where the bourgeoisie of the 18th and then of the 19th century liked to meet, which allowed the region to develop.

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in the 20th century

While the mountain villages are experiencing a slowdown in population growth at the beginning of the century, winter sports offer the Pyrenees a new craze.

The yellow train, meanwhile, will allow sports enthusiasts and holidaymakers to reach the plateaus of Capcir and Cerdagne to enjoy its peaks.

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